As I have alluded to in previous posts, there is a controversy surrounding my happy little urban island. There is a booming, popular neighborhood, a church, and a lot of empty parking lots. I live smack in the middle. The owners of the church who were actually a religious organization, have sold their property and moved along. The new owners of the the land would like to, as city planners call it “in-fill” the property, i.e. build on the empty parts of the lot to create more density within the city limits. Which is fine, and good, and I get it. However, in this situation, the proposed apartment buildings are rather large and tall and dense compared to the surrounding historic business district and homes. My friend recently used the word “over-fill”. It’s not hard to guess which side of this issue I am on, as this will directly affect the livability of my apartment for many reasons. I won’t go into them here, because I am not trying to convince YOU of anything, I’m just telling my story.

As to not make a long story longer, tonight, for the first time I was able to attend one the of the neighborhood meetings on this issue and the ensuing zoning lawsuit. I chose to speak up at the meeting, not on behalf of my landlord (the owner of my building who also has a business in the building) but rather to gain an understanding as to why he (who is not selling his building/land to the developer and is on their side) is included in the zoning lawsuit.

I HATE talking in front of large groups of people, especially ones I don’t’ know. So I made my neighbor come too. I did ask my question, got a not-fully understandable answer and felt my face flush with sweat for the next 15 minutes of the meeting. I did, however, speak to one of the leaders after the meeting and clarified my question and shared some information that she did not know.

I hope it helps. I hope I did good. I don’t want to have to talk in front of a group of people like that anymore. I think I am still sweating. Or maybe that is my apartment. Did I mention I don’t have air conditioning and it has been the hottest summer on record? Where you live too, huh? Yah, I know, it sucks.

I think Obama is talking on the screen behind me. I will turn it off mute and let you go. But perhaps this has clarified a bit why I have a story to tell, and why I am writing this blog. If it hasn’t, then stay tuned.

P.S. I still don’t live in a palace, but I have decided not to change my header image because this is what my apartment looks like in my head. So it fits.