I wrote this poem in 2007-ish.  I was thinking, this morning, about re-posting some things I posted a long time ago on myspace. Yes. It apparently still exists. And guess what? You can sign in with Facebook now. (!?)

Anyway…I really did think about posting this today. Even before The Bloggess posted her poem. I swear. Hers is much more funny though. In fact, mine is not funny at all. Just nice. But before you go there, (after you are done reading MY poem), consider yourself warned. And have a great weekend.

Ode to the ‘Hood
By Amy Norton 2007

This is an ode to a place i call home,
Located not far from where the buffalo roam.

The people, you see, they come from all walks,
Are interesting and fun and live within blocks.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by good coffee and food
A hop and a skip from a much improved mood.

A knock on the door, or a short walk away,
Is a friendly, kind face to brighten my day.

A hand in a blizzard or backyards of fun,
It’s seasons of laughter in snow, rain or sun.

Some they are new friends and some go way back
But we all share the feeling that some people lack,

That we live in a ‘hood much like a small town
A place to belong and feel safe and sound.

Not in the sense that we’re sheltered from fear,
But those that support us could not be more near.

A spouse and kids i don’t have, my possessions are few.
But please know I’m grateful for
You and You and YOU!