I just finished reading this blog (http://blogs.westword.com/showandtell/2013/01/here_have_denver_its_all_yours.php). It explains, better than I ever could, why I started this blog in the first place. I am not technically a native of Denver, but I moved here as kid, a transplant myself, into a sparkly new house in a sparkly new south suburban subdivision. After living all over Central Denver as a young adult, I moved to my northwest Denver neighborhood where I finally felt the sense of place I lacked growing up. With that very “place” changing every day I feel lost again. Luckily, my village of people has remained steady which keeps me firmly planted for now. Anyway, the Denver I knew even 20 years ago is all but gone, for better and for worse and I think the blog post as noted above explains why that can be unsettling.

That said, another FOR LEASE sign went up today on the street. The very same coffee shop that opened 20 years ago and helped make the local neighborhood and business district what it is today. That coffee shop is moving to another neighborhood in an area that will benefit from having a gathering place in it’s midst. Who knows what will be transplanted in. All I know is that the transplants will benefit from the growth and community that was created by those who came before them. I hope they bring the same appreciation for sense of place that we have all come to love.

Oh, and in regard to the pending construction…there were jackhammers outside my window today. I was forced to to take my jangled nerves and flee my apartment so that I could actually get some work done.